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[FAQ]: Website & Forums
« on: February 28, 2010, 09:52:55 PM »
Does Black Tactical Sell Airsoft guns? Butterfly Knives? Automatic Knives?

When will XXX item restock, do you have stock for XXX item?
All stocks online are LIVE, if its out of stock it will reflect SOLD OUT.
Restocks are hard to say exactly when until the date draws near, do read the product description as some items cannot be restocked are stated.

How do I know what are the new stuff that just arrived?
Check the NEW products page HERE
Or Follow us on Facebook Live Updates

When will new stuff arrive? How do I get notified when items are restocked?
Usually It will be posted on the main homepage itself.

Alternatively on the product page itself, on the side there is a "notify me of product updates" logically that should inform you when stock arrives... haven't really tested it out yet... no time :P

How do I Buy from the website?
Add the items you want to your cart.
Choose your shipping and payment modes.
Make your payment.
We will send the items to you.

Does BT have a Physical Shop? How do I get there?
Yup of course we do... Click the Contact Us link on left of the website HERE
NOTE: Please know and take note what you want to buy before dropping by.

What are BT's Operating Hours?
Do refer here: HERE
If there are any closure notices it will be posted on the main page itself HERE

Can I reserve items then pick up at the shop later?

Can I buy direct off the shelf?
You can just drop by the shop to get what you want, BUT please go through the website and KNOW what you want to buy before dropping by, as there may be too many people at the shop. Its often frustrating and tiring to climb up to get an item and have to put it back just to SEE.

Can I get a discount if I buy more?
NO. Our prices are already fair and just. When we get stuff cheaper, we ALWAYS reduce it for EVERYONE. No special treatment.
Bulk pricing are only for registered companies with orders in access of $1000 worth of the SAME item.
We reward customers by a member point system, where each dollar spent gets you 1 point. Points can be used to redeem redemption products on our website.

What Kind of Shipping & Payment does BT accept?
More info HERE

Can we dictate what my package is declared as?
Enter your requirements in the Comment box available DURING your checkout, and not email to us after as its usually too late.

I am from the Military, Police or Government Office, How do I make an order?
Enter our Company's BRN: 53064154B into your order system and we will send the items to your office.
Email us for more information.

How to Email BT?
Type your msg HERE

What is your telephone number?
BEFORE you call please make sure you read all the above first.
(Urgent Calls Only, if no need instant answer, Email is preferred, most of the time no time to pick up phone)
Our Funan Store number is: (+65) 97254504 (12~8pm Mon~Sat) (NO SMS)
WhatsApp (Beta Testing):  (+65) 97254504 (12~8pm Mon~Sat)
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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2010, 08:52:12 PM »

Why can't I send Private Messages?
Cos of the anti PM Spam in operation. Only Members with ranks get to send PM.

How Do I get a Rank?
Contribute to the forums without spamming nonsense.
Plastering Monosyllable replies / answers will get a 2 weeks ban.
100 posts will earn you the PM function.

Where do I learn to do Mods?

How to Post Pictures in the Forum?
go to
Upload your picture
An image link for forums will be given to you.
copy and paste that in your post.

How to post Youtube videos?

In the website address of the youtube video, copy the jumbled up words after v=

In this example its TzoCzg4TGF0

Next, click the u tube icon up there and it will give u [ youtube ][ /youtube ]

Paste the copied jumbled up words in between the quotes
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